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Product Certification

Thanks to our ELECTROMECHANICAL, EMC & LVD laboratories, we continue our work and leading in the sector with many certificates and documents. As a result of workplace inspections carried out within the scope of LVT Cert-Product Certification, products are certified according to accreditation requirements within the scope of TS EN and IEC standar

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On our website, you can inquire the Certificates of Conformity, Type Test Reports and the Declaration of Conformities made in accordance with the relevant directives. You can see the contents, dates, scopes, and validity status of the documents.

Switchgear&Controlgear - Design Verification

Within the scope of IEC 61439 series standards, LVT is the only laboratory that perform all of the panel type tests within the scope of accreditation. Short circuit performance, temperature rise value, electrical isolation, reaction to environmental conditions, EMC features are the main points checked in electric panel type tests.

EMC Test

EMC testing is carried out under accreditation assurance under many national and international standards. The manufacturers safely supply their products to the market by using our laboratory in R&D and Type testing processes. We continue to expand our scope in line with the demands of our customers.

LVD Test

Type tests defined in harmonized standards under the LVD directive are carried out accredited within the structure of LVT. General applications in LVD tests are the checks that the devices do not damage their surroundings in normal operating and malfunction conditions, do not reach extreme temperatures, have sufficient insulation and necessary stre

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LVT Test Laboratuvarı - Lvd Testi, Emc Testi, Tip Testi, Pano Testleri, Kısa Devre ve Yanmazlık Testi, CE Belgesi, Ürün Belgelendirme

LVT TEST LABORATORIES were established to make up the deficiency of fully independent third party testing laboratory in Turkey with 100% national capital and infrastructure works started in 2006. LVT became the only private laboratory serving in Turkey under the audit of Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK) in July 2009.

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